Party games at corporate events and birthday parties

Our party games bring lots of thrill and delight to private and corporate events. We adapt our party games to fit different occasions, given the specific nature of the event. Our games are suitable for the company’s employees, customers as well as good friends and relatives.

Our company, Vaba Aja Ekspert Ltd, has organized diffrent events for corporate and leisure customers over eight years.

We offer both fun and practical entertainment. Our goal is to meet the corporate and leisure customer’s needs with active and enthralling entertainment at their events.

Corporate Events with Murder Mystery

Corporate Events with Murder Mystery

We have organized and been involved in socializing with more than 450 celebrations for both corporate customer (summer days, Christmas events, teamwork, practicum, different holidays etc) as well as for leisure customer (birthday, wedding anniversary etc). Our main service is to offer teamwork and party games for groups.

Our games provide a variety of entertainment to events and make the whole event process smooth and memorable. In addition to organizing the games at your event, we also assist you to plan and prepare the event. Whenever possible, we also capture the event in pictures which you can later quickly share with the participants.

For each event, we try to customize the game according to the customer’s wishes. We try to help in organizing the whole party – starting with designing the Party Invitation and finishing with sharing the pictures made at the event.

Teamwork games are suitable to unite with/before/after trainings, conferences, workshops etc.  Games offer relaxation as well as opportunity to practice team work.

Our teamwork games (prizes start from 520 EUR):

In addition we organize birthday parties and disco nights (prizes start from 375 EUR).

Birthday parties and anniversaries are filled with fun entertainment and gives everybody a chance to relax and enjoy the celebration. Our wish and aim is to give to all participants the joy and positive emotions.

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